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A Herstory of Transmasculine Identities

A Herstory of Transmasculine Identities An Annotated Anthology By Michael Eric Brown Foreword by Joe Ippolito, PsyD., LICSW ISBN-13:  978-0-9968309-2-8 (print) ISBN-10: 0-9968309-2-8 (print) ISBN-13: 978-0-9968309-3-5 (e-book) ISBN-10:  0-9968309-3-6 (e-book) Unravelling the complex intersections of FTM gender transitions, lesbianism and feminism… Author Michael Eric Brown’s book, A Herstory of Transmasculine Identities: An Annotated Anthology, is intended… Read More »

On Passing – A Play in One Act

    ISBN-13: 978-13113152-7-4 It’s not always easy being a transgender individual, and the journey to self-authenticity can be filled with much pain and loss; from losing loved ones as well as employment and housing. Not to be overlooked is the risk these individuals take with their very lives in order to be themselves. This… Read More »