On Passing – A Play in One Act

By | August 1, 2015



ebook cover, on PassingISBN-13: 978-13113152-7-4
It’s not always easy being a transgender individual, and the journey to self-authenticity can be filled with much pain and loss; from losing loved ones as well as employment and housing. Not to be overlooked is the risk these individuals take with their very lives in order to be themselves. This short play depicts the violent result of discrimination that many transgender people face in daily life
As the term “transgender” begins to reverberate in contemporary society, the hearts and minds of once closed-minded people are beginning to open. With the presence of well-known transgender people paving the way, life for transgender individuals is becoming more tolerable, but there is still a long road ahead to achieve freedom and equality without fear of violence and discrimination.
For far too long, transgender men, women and youth have hidden behind a curtain of secrecy for fear of losing all they hold important in their lives. As more and more stand up for their rights and their very existence, the fact remains in most of today’s world that these individuals are still persecuted simply for living their lives and being true to themselves.
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