Defining Myself: Transmasculine Experience Through Poetry

By | June 5, 2016


Defining Myself:
Transmasculine Experience Through Poetry
Edited by Michael Eric Brown & Max Andeo Meyer
ISBN-13:  978-0-9968309-4-2 (Print)
ISBN-10:  0-9968309-4-4 (Print)
ISBN-13:  978-0-9968309-5-9 (Ebook)
ISBN-10:  0-9968309-5-2 (Ebook)

The collective works of thirty-eight individuals who have revealed their deepest emotions in written word. Over seventy poems putting a voice to the process of living authentically in one’s gender. Words which have come from the depths of their beings—from the ache of depression, the fiery pits of anger, darkness of their fears, and the deep wells of loss; as well as from their journeys of change to their passions of joy and acceptance.

All are transmasculine, meaning they identify somewhere on the masculine side of the gender spectrum. Some may be fully transitioned female-to-male (FTM) while others may be non-binary, gender fluid or simply transmasculine, with or without having gone through a physical transition. It is not the physical that makes the person—it is the self-identification, the self-love and self-acceptance—and it is all these experiences in each of these individuals that help create our diverse community of transmasculine folks.

Authors: I.A. Avery, Shaun B., Isaac Oscar Bainbridge, Grayson Barnes, Michael Eric Brown, Will P. Craig, Al Cusack, Emrys Fevre, Tygh Lawrence-Clark, Joshua Daniel Hunt, TJ Isaacs, Mitch Kellaway, Noah Mendez, Max Andeo Meyer, Para Modha, kaleb morrison, Casey O., Johnny W. Payne, Marval A Rex, S, Oliver Robertson, Noah S., Aaron Schmidt, Kai Schweizer, Liam J. Smietanski, Maverick Smith, Emrys Sparks, Dane Trotti, Char Utton, Jesse W., Joshua “Tygerwolfe” Ward, C. T. Whitley, Howie Wielandt, Dexter J Wiseman, Gavin Wyer, Caden Rocker, Owen Paul Karcher, Eugene SG Massey

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