Call for Papers – Aging With Dignity: A Transgender Perspective


EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 29, 2019. There is still room for more stories!

For the upcoming book Aging With Dignity: A Transgender Perspective

Author Michael Eric Brown is asking for trans elders to provide their stories  and their concerns on aging for this ground-breaking new book on an under-researched, frequently overlooked, and often invalidated topic in contemporary literary works regarding the transgender population. This book will be in two parts, with the first part presenting perspectives on the issues of aging and being trans from a semi-academic perspective. The second part of the book will be the stories and experiences of older trans individuals in their journeys into becoming and living as trans elders.

Who can respond?

Any person who is 1) at least 50 years old and, 2) transgender/transsexual; 3) who is willing to share their life experiences that led them to where they are now; and, 4) willing to voice their concerns as they approach, or are already in, the later stages of the human life-span, being trans and elderly.

For those who want to contribute but are not writers, please help by filling out the online questionnaire.

What to Write:

Personal essays from older individuals describing their lives, which can include successes as well as challenges, strategies developed to live comfortably or cope with life in its various facets, and moving forward through the process, and most specifically, how one is preparing for old age or coping with already being there and the issues, or non-issues, that you have encountered or those you anticipate. Looking for the proverbial “the good, the bad, and the ugly” – so open up and lay it out. Tell the readers what it is like to be older and trans, whether it is positive or negative.

Share your life story, the experiences that got you to where you are today; and then, please, be sure to also focus on the aspect of being trans and older, specifically as you approach, or are already there, living in “old age”. Remember the book is about aging as a trans individual, and we want the readers to have an idea of what they, too, might be looking forward to as they age. Or perhaps, they might see that they want something different, and your stories will be the catalyst for change in future generations.

The following are just ideas to help give you a start. Feel free to choose any one or more of these, or come up with your own:

  • Mental preparedness toward aging
  • Family/partner/peer expectations/reactions to age-related concerns
  • Retirement; are you busy? bored? enjoying? barely coping due to financial reasons?
  • Ageism and/or discrimination
  • Experiences in (or concerns about) health care settings (including hospitals, physicians, various medical personnel, care facilities, caregivers)
  • Coping with age-related diseases (cardiovascular, cancers, Alzheimers/dementia, arthritis, and so on, as well as loss of mobility, vision, hearing, etc.)
  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Depression
  • Any experiences as victims of elder abuse (or concerns for future)
  • Loss of dignity (whether experienced or concerns for future)
  • Insurance/benefits/finances,
  • Legal concerns such as wills and power of attorney
  • Any other topic that relates to being older and trans, including positive aspects!


  • Please keep essays under 2000 words, if possible. (Ask if significantly over)
  • Authors will retain copyright to their individual works.
  • Works previously published will not be accepted
  • There are no fees or donations expected for any submission.
  • Authors understand there will be no monetary compensation for their work. All Authors will receive a PDF version of the final book once published.

INSTRUCTIONS for submitting essays:

Include at the very beginning of your document:

  1. Your legal name (if chosen, you will be signing a legal publishing agreement)
  2. Name you want to be published under – your preferred name or, even a pseudonym is acceptable.
  3. Your age now (at the time of your essay).
  4. The age you transitioned to living authentically in your gender
  5. Your gender
  6. Your country (where you are residing now)
  7. Please submit a 3rd person bio along with your essay in your email.
  8. Submissions should be in .doc, .docx, .odt or .rtf format, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, single-spaced, and no underline or bold.
  9. If you choose to quote or cite any source, be sure to provide APA citations.
  10. Make sure you include a title and year written for your work.
  11. Send it as an attachment in email to transmanaz @ (remove spaces)

Please remember the deadline of October 1, 2018.